YOU Make the Season Happen

Each season it takes hundreds of Festival volunteers to make the season happen!

The Skaneateles Festival comes to life each August through the gracious support of hundreds of volunteers. We are blessed with a community that is very willing to share their energy and talents. If you would like to help out just click the Volunteer Icon below to learn how to join the fun.

Volunteers provide food, lodging, transportation, muscle power, wisdom, ideas, gracious smiles, can-do spirit, and so much more.

Our volunteers consistently say that the best part about helping out with the Skaneateles Festival is getting to know the musicians on a personal level and making new connections in the community.

If you’d like to meet new people, get to know world-class musicians, or help out in any of these areas, give us a call at 315-685-7418 or fill out our volunteer form.

Become a host!

We invite you to consider becoming an important part of this season by hosting Festival musicians. This is a rare opportunity that requires very little! The musicians will need a bedroom, bathroom and breakfast. In return, you and your family will get a special peek into the life of the performer, and help contribute to bringing world class music here to Skaneateles!

Please complete the following short questionnaire so we may update our records as well as plan for the housing needs of this year’s musicians.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Our volunteers do so much!

• Board of Directors
• Housing Committee
• Host musicians (and sometimes their families)
• Pre-concert meals for musicians and sponsors
• Food for events, receptions, parties, etc.
• Airport transportation for musicians
• Website construction and maintenance
• Social media expertise
• Special writing projects
• Invite several hundred people into their home for Summer Suite
• Host donor receptions and other gatherings
• Photography

• Build stage at First Presbyterian Church before first concert
• Take down stage at First Presbyterian Church after final concert
• Help take down chairs and put them away after Saturday concerts
• Help take down chairs and put them away after final church concert
• Check pews after concerts for discarded programs
• Help take down lights, equipment, etc. after Saturday concerts
• Concert ushers
• Ticket takers
• Ticket sellers
• Concession table
• Move pianos, harpsichords, timpani, bridge lamps, marimbas, harps, music stands, and more

Thanks to the many volunteers with tools and muscles who help make this happen!

Bruce Keplinger and Maryellen Casey have been volunteers extraordinaire since the mid-1980s, ready to help wherever needed. No job is too big or too small.
Thanks, Bruce and Maryellen!

Expert chef Joan Christy has fed thousands over the years, hosting and/or providing gourmet food for musician dinners, donor receptions, rehearsal breaks, Summer Suite, fundraising events, post-concert receptions, and more.
Thanks, Joan!

Koko Fuller greets patrons with a smile at the ticket table. Over the years, she has also provided outstanding food for pre-concert dinners and events, and served on the Board of Trustees.
Thanks, Koko!

“I have always told you that the Festival should have charged us for the wonderful experience of housing musicians. It brought such joy to both David and me and I will always look back on those special times with great fondness.”

Sharon Slater

We hope to see you soon