Know Before You Go

Concert Specifics

Thursday and Friday concerts, as well as educational and family programs are held at the First Presbyterian Church (97 East Genesee Street, Skaneateles, NY). Doors for Thursday and Friday concerts open 30 minutes prior to the concert.
Saturday concerts are held at Anyela's Vineyards (2433 West Lake Road, Skaneateles, NY). We encourage all concertgoers to bring a flashlight and those seated in B- Section to bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating. Please note: No pets allowed on the property with the exception of legally certified service dogs. Anyela's is NO SMOKING venue.

Click here for a map of the venue!

Saturday concerts Rain Locations are TBA. Use of rain locations will be announced via website, social media pages, email, and Skaneateles Festival voicemail by 3:00 pm the day of the concert.

Ticket Specifics

Tickets can be ordered at or by calling (315) 685-7418.
Ticket exchanges may be made up to 24 hours prior to concerts. Unused tickets may be acknowledged as a contribution to the Skaneateles Festival. Please call the office at (315) 685-7418 for exchange details.

Handicapped Accessibility

We are happy to accommodate any and all needs of patrons. We have handicapped seating available in all price levels. At Anyela's Vineyard, our Handicapped Seating is located on the terrace nearest the parking lot and the handicapped restrooms.

Please call our office upon ticket purchase at (315) 685-7418 to ensure the best accommodations.

Food and Alcohol

The Skaneateles Festival generates a family-friendly, Saturday evening picnic atmosphere to be enjoyed by all before and during the concerts in the lawn. In order to maintain this Festival tradition, we politely ask that you do not bring any alcohol to Anyela's Vineyards. It is prohibited by the operating license and associated liability regulations of New York State, therefore all picnic baskets and bags will be checked upon arrival. Anyela's offers for on-site purchase a variety of their wines and beers, as well as a selection of snack items. Please visit to learn more about their wine selections. Concert-goers are welcome to bring a picnic.

Photography and Cell Phone Use

Many of our guest artists have specific contractual photograph policies. Additionally, photography and cell phone use can be distracting to those around you during a concert. We encourage you to take photographs with your friends and families before and after the concerts and share them with us on social media or tag our venues for online interactions! However, when the sun goes down, the lights dim, and applause begins, we ask that you put phones and cameras away to encourage an intimate concert setting. Flash photography and cell phone use can be distracting to those around you and may not be tolerated by certain musician agencies.

Arrival and Hospitality Tips

Arrive Early! We recommend arriving as early as possible for performances to allow for extra travel time and parking. The venues open 30 minutes prior to the concerts on Thursday and Friday, and Anyela's will open at 6:00pm on Saturday. Seating for our concerts is open within designated seating sections so arriving early will also ensure a closer seat for you and the rest of your party.
Be Considerate! Our concerts sell out frequently and seating can become crowded. Please do not reserve more space than you need at concerts, allowing room for your fellow concertgoers to enjoy the evening. Our staff and trained volunteers reserve the right to condense parties and reseat patrons. If you have trouble finding a spot, please find our volunteer staff members to help you.
Forgot your tickets? Don't worry! Visit the box office and our associates can reprint your tickets. Please have your ID handy and know how many tickets you ordered and at which seating level.
Wear what's Comfortable! There is no required dress code for attending concerts. Some people may be wearing business casual clothes or dressy casual clothes. Feel free to dress up or dress down.
When to clap! Sometimes it can be confusing to know when to clap, especially if there are multiple sections or movements involved in a single piece. Generally, patrons hold applause until after the last movement of a work. Be sure to follow along with the provided program. If there is a conductor, hold applause until hands are down. No conductor? Wait until bows and instruments are down.
Arriving late? Patrons who arrive late will be seated when there is a break in the music. Please keep to the open spaces in the back of the venue to avoid disturbing other concertgoers between pieces. If you must leave during a performance, we ask that you be respectful to the musicians and audience members and wait for a break in the program.